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Corporate Promotion Culture

Sometimes ‘promotion’ policy in a corporate IT organization doesn’t make sense for years, few reasons your manager might give you for not considering for annual promotion list, even though you have been an exceptional employee and with good track record internally and with clients -

  1. We have provided you ‘onsite’ opportunity or We have given you XYZ awards.
  2. There are other folks in the team with more/same experience expecting promotion.
  3. You need to do something extra than your regular project work.(though you have been always contributing for multiple teams going extra mile than what was expected.)
  4. You haven’t done any external certifications to prove your technical capability.(though you outperform others who hold certifications.)
  5. You work solo and need to work hard on your leadership skills.( though there are enough folks willing to vouch for you on your leadership quality which helped them grow personally).

Years pass by with same repeated reasons and you are stuck at where you are, your manager keeps changing over the years and finally your organisation announces a new learning and career growth system which is so good that now you can focus on your capability and learnings and then get promoted in few months time. Folks with way less experience in the organisation are exposed to this new system of learning and growth so early in their career that they are reaping its benefits. But what about those who gave years of experience to the organisation but stuck at same level for quite long period due to prior promotion system?

What are the reasons that you hear from your managers for not getting promoted?

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