Posts Autosys JIL Syntax Highlight Plugin For Notepad++

Autosys JIL Syntax Highlight Plugin For Notepad++

In my day job as an Autosys developer, I have to create new JILs every other day or have to review/QA JILs created by other developers. I mostly use Notepad++ to create and read JILs, however Notepad++ does not have an inbuilt syntax highlighting language option. Without one it is too difficult to write a JIL and understand it and find any syntax error, Just like any other programming language.

I did some online research to find some good plugins , however the most I found did not suit my needs, which is the code should look neat and simple with effective syntax color higlighting, and yes, the font must be the ‘courier new’.

So I decided to create one with the help of already existing templates.

Link to download the plugin file

Watch the screencast on how to install this plugin

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